The Slow Cooking Love

The Slow Cooking Love

I am so much in love with my slow cooker. I made a Red Wine Braised Roast Beef stew today and it was delicious. I can’t get over the fact that this device hasn’t made it to any other countries as a regular cooking method than UK and Ireland.

I know the women would love it if they knew more about it in continental Europe. I mean the amount of TIME and ENERGY you can save by using the slow cooker. You dont have to watch over it every minute, it prepares the food in a loving heat slowly while you take care of yourself or your family or friends or whatever that is important for you, without having to compromise on the taste or the quality of the food. 

I love my crock pot! You are the best thing ever after hair spray…uh, yeah, I know thats not suitable for cooking, but hair spray is a genious product as well!… cough… cough…

Now, here are the wonderful beautiful images of the love food I created… I can tell you…the silence that fell over the table when everyone was enjoying their food was the greatest compliment ever…

The recipe for this dish was very easy. McCormick has created a line of slow cooker seasoning mixes and this was one of them.

I was interested in these seasonings because it states on the package that there is no MSG or No artificial flavors used. And when I did check the ingredients list, it was true. I found that all the ingredients used were the kind that were acceptable to use for me.

The recipe at the back of the package was very easy to follow, however I would probably use  more vegetables the next time I make this. I did add turnip and parsnip to the stew and it really tasted nice. 



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