Converstions from Metric to Imperial

Converstions from Metric to Imperial

In this age of modern technology and all these wonderful food and cooking sites and blogs its sometimes very frustrating to try to cook. Though my smartphone has a conversion apps, its not always the most handy thing to try to follow. Especially if your recipe is on another apps on your phone.

Then, solution walked into my life! I found this baby in a kitchen ware store and absolutely had to have it. Its placed on my fridge where I can see it every time I need to figure out what I am measuring in a recipe.

Le creuset saves my day!

Creuset measure table


I also got a set of different sized measuring cups (that you have already seen on my pesto post). Now I dont have to work only with big cup measures or dl measures, but with small cute silicone measuring bowls. I am one happy cook!

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