Welcome to Northernlights Life!

This is my Lounge Bar, where I invite you to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea or champagne and let your creative crazy ideas flow. This blog reflects my interests and passions. It is a place of creation and crazy ideas and projects. I’m interested in fashion, home decoration, travel, cultures, feeling good and different kinds of arts and crafts. I love creating delicious food in my kitchen. I work out with my fitnessbag and exercise bike that I’ve named “bear”. I try to not take life too seriously, but there are times when some deep reflection is in place.

I live in Helsinki area in Finland. Which is situated way up north near the arctic circle. The nightless nights during summer keep us awake and partying, and the dayless days in the winter make us party even more. Just kidding. Life is pretty normal here, but we do have some peculiarities compared to the rest of the world. For one, we drink coffee like there is no tomorrow, and we eat ice cream outside in the winter (will not melt for sure). We like our music heavy metal. Our Sauna’s need to be hot (90C) and our drinks cold.

Oh, and we never joke, we don’t do small talk and we travel in silence…



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